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Great News For Schools and Parents (See Fundraiser and Affiliate information below.)
"Owner Contact Service" provides a whole NEW way for schools to return lost items to students!
Kids often lose keys and other items without ID Tags on school grounds. These items are turned into the school office. However, due to their lack of any identification markings, school officials have no way of determining which students the lost items belong to. Now there's a NEW way for any school official to quickly determine which student any key or other lost item belongs to, simply by going to the website shown on the special coded Tag and entering the unique "Owner Contact Code" also shown on the tag. The school can then return the lost key or item to the student before he or she goes home after school. Should an item be found after regular school hours, any school official or office personnel can call or send parents an email message through the automated system letting them know that the item can be picked up in the school office. Along with Key Tags, QuickFindTags are also available, and help with returning lost cell phones, ipods, ipads, backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets and other items lost at school. As the parent, you decide what information to list on your contact page and online information is secure. Your personal email address remains private at all times and NO street address is ever shown. Service includes many other Premium member benefits for parents including the Emergency Contact Code Service, for helping schools to quickly locate parents in the event of an emergency concerning their child. The service can be accessed at, where parents can also create their FREE Emergency Contact Code.
In addition to helping schools return lost items to their students, the service also incorporates a School Fundraiser feature, which allows schools to create their own hyperlink for parent sign ups, such as, Schools can earn a 20% recurring commission on each parent's annual fee of $7.95. Schools have the option of creating their own custom hyperlink for earning commissions or they can simply forward the Parent Notice to an email list of parents, or download the notice for printing and sending home with students. Parents can also earn recurring affiliate commissions by spreading the word about membership to family, friends and others. In addition to having FREE access to the "Owner Contact Service", membership also includes many other Premium benefits.
Owner Contact Service is a service of Wemetcard Inc.
and is FREE to all Wemetcard members.
Use of the "Owner Contact Service" is FREE to all schools.

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